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Working environment for Millennials

 Almost every employee in the UK sits in an office every day and works. Now that is a lot of people. It is a widely known fact that a lot of companies ignore the importance of office space and continue working in an environment that has been obsolete for the last decade.

From a point of view of someone who has been working for 30 years, this can seem normal, however, the millennials in this world find this environment very difficult to conquer. The stereotypical Millennial is not somebody thinking thirty years ago but a vibrant young millenial with a heart to become successful and widely known in his industry. It is amazing what an effect an office space can have on your motivation, vision and overall feeling about working life. If their surroundings seem old and obsolete it has a strong dampening effect.

Why should it be like this? Why should the millennials first impression of the business world be suppressed by an outdated environment?

Quite frankly times have changed a lot even since the outset of the 21st century and Britain is behind times now (not in every case, I have visited many office spaces and environments built in the last 20 years, for example BA Waterside offices were very modern and impressive).

New concepts have appeared like, flexible desking, ergonomic chairs, smart workspaces. Features have appeared in offices that 20 years ago would have left people in awe, we now have biophillia, play areas, gyms, Power nap pods, lounges and break out spaces.

Amos Beech has been working with organisations throughout the UK and Europe helping them to become more modern and smart, we have recently launched a game changing agile working app called iotspace which we have been introducing to clients and it has attracted interest all over Europe.

An agile and smart environment immediately increases productivity and engagement in an organisation. Staff have a choice of where to work depending on their task or mood for that day. The options are endless – they can choose sit-stand desking, collaborative space, silent/quiet zones and meeting rooms on top of their standard desk environment. This choice has an amazing effect on staff, suddenly a vibrant and positive atmosphere just explodes. It has been proven that a forward thinking workspace that uses flexible working and follows the latest trends with agile working and other new developments, these companies tend to retain the best staff. It is also an attraction, the best performers and those wacky millennials will all be eager to have a place in your team and to share that brilliant new space.

As the author of this beginners article, I don’t know if my words will inspire but I have worked in a good office and it has been a very enjoyable experience. I am a millennial however and I can still find improvements. My message to a business owner is to keep up with workplace trends.