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What is the most commonly used website for online shopping in Italy?

Italy is known to be one of the most populated countries with larger economics in Europe. It also has some of the developed, and solvable markets for online shopping on the continent. As of 2020, Italy was estimated to have over 49 million internet users and 35 million active social media users. Since many people prefer to shop online, the best measure to take before doing this is to look for reliable websites that have satisfactory customers’ reviews and top-notch products. Italy is a big country with so many sites for online shopping, but we’ve put together the most commonly used website for our online shopping.

Amazon Italy

Founded in the US in 1994, Amazon started as an online retailing shop for books and later expanded its product catalogue by selling media products, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewellery. It has expanded to many countries, including Italy and it has claimed to be the global leader of e-commerce. It developed further into being an online retailer for bricks and mortar and the acquisition of whole food markets. Amazon has monthly traffic of over 180.5 million.

eBay Italy

This is also one of the commonly visited websites for shopping in Italy that maintains to be a pioneer of e-commerce. It is an American online marketplace that allows businesses and people to sell directly through its online platform. eBay was founded in 1995 and has expanded to Italy and many other countries. It organizes the sale of products ranging from electronics & fashion to cars &vehicles, home & garden to sport & toys including businesses &industrial products. eBay has over 76.9 million estimated monthly traffic.


MediaWorld was established in 1979, and it is the Italian brand of MediaMarket, a German multinational chain of stores that specializes in the retail of consumer electronics such as computers, cameras, headphones, console EPC gaming, mobile phones, and more. The estimated monthly traffic Mediaworld has is 11.3 million.

AliExpress Italiano

This is one of Italy’s online stores that specialise in retailing a different variety of products. With over 8.6 million monthly traffic, the website provides a platform that allows companies and individuals to sell a broad range of products. They offer products such as mobile phones & electronics, home decoration products, clothing and accessories, news &articles, sports &entertainment, among others. AliExpress is focused on gathering a range of products from China and other Asian countries to be sold internationally, mainly in Italy. 


IBS.it is an abbreviation that stands for Internet Bookshop Italia. It is an online digital media store and online bookstore that offers different categories of books from different authors. IBS.it was founded on 3 June, in 1998, and it claims that it is the pioneer of e-commerce in Italy that was credited with operating the first credit card sale on the internet in the country. It has over 3 million registered customers, 7 million products in its catalogue, and a warehouse handling of about 20 thousand products per day. They declare that they’ve delivered books written by over 300,000 authors published by more than 4000 different publishers. IBS.it has more than 6.3 million monthly traffic, and they offer products including board games, dolls and baby dolls, books in Italian and English, eBooks, blue-rays, CDs, vinyl, just to mention a few.

With so many online stores for shopping in Italy and the different types of products they offer, we can easily take note of the best website we would love to choose for our shopping. We can go through the about section of any company to know more about what it has to offer before buying any product on the website.