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Transportation in London


London is the central financial and economical hub of England. The lanes are always crowded with people rushing around to reach their destination on time. Roads are always jammed with cars and taxis honking to get way to make it to the final location on time. It is also one of the best cities to stay in if you wish to have the best shopping, entertainment and food experience. There are a lot of options for a hotel in London. You can find ones that fit your budget. Finding an affordable hotel in London is not a big deal at all. The bigger issue is transportation. Thankfully, London has an amazing train system. However, if you’re new to the city, you might get lost or the anxiety could take over you at the over crowded stations. Here are the basics you need to know about the transportation systems of London to help you survive your stay.

The basic layout

The Underground train system, more commonly known as the Tube system has 12 lines. You can travel across any part of the city through these tubes. The platforms are distributed in four parts depending on the direction they are headed in and where the station is located. These four categories are called Northbound, Eastbound, Westbound or Southbound.

The tubes are colored differently depending on their routes. These are indicated on route maps with coordinating colors. Every tube station has a map of routes that are being followed by the train departing from that station. This gives you an idea of your current location as well as where you will be landing. If you think you dropped off at the wrong station, tally the map. Sometimes you could be walking distance away from your planned destination station.

Some tips to get you through

Firstly, if you ever feel lost, do not panic. Yes, it’s a new city, new people, but you can always find help around. The people of London are very helpful. Try asking anybody you see around and they will guide you. Of you’re intimidated by that, you can always find staff somewhere around the station. They will be wearing their uniform so you can recognize them easily. The knowledgeable staff will guide you to the right path.

Secondly, keep a tube map with you. It will have the details of which tubes lead to which locations and which station you need to go to. You will know the names of stations you’re at as well as stations you’ll be going to. In case you have a hotel in London a bit further away from a train station, you can guide your taxi drivers accurately too. This will minimize your chances of getting lost or in trouble.

Lastly, stay calm and confident. It is true that such new experiences can trigger anxiety. But always remember that thousands of people do it everyday then why can’t you. If you feel scared, the people around you will be there to help. So basically, there is nothing you have to worry about. More information about a budget hotel in London Stratford


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