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Reasons to choose the Parker Watermaker

Have you been searching for the best ways to produce fresh water while keeping a small footprint? Then the Parker PRO Watermaker Series is the answer for you! This product line by AquaControl Marine is especially designed for space-restricted areas where fresh water is requested but space is limited. In addition, maintenance of this Parker Water maker is very easy as its main components are all easily accessible. Thanks to a low AC power consumption and a maximum system weight of 130 lbs, this Parker Watermaker is a sustainable solution when you have been looking for a space-restrictive water tank.

The perfect freshwater companion for a solo cruiser

The Parker Watermaker can be used on sail and small power boats to have fresh water on board. Even though it is smaller than a 20-gallon water tank, it is still able to produce fresh water in a high capacity. It is therefore the perfect companion for a solo cruiser. In addition, the Parker PRO Watermaker is easy to haul around the vessel as it fits in smaller sections. However, the biggest advantage is that this watermaker does not put a lot of stress on the engine. Stress on the engine results in a lower speed and increased fuel costs. This is not surprising, as the engine would have to work harder to keep the watermaker active. AquaControl Marine has resolved all these problems with the design and production of the parker PRO Watermaker Series.

Receive more information about this fresh water-system

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of this watermaker for use on your sail of small power boat? Or do you need more information about the materials or safety guidelines? Make sure to contact the experts over at AquaControl Marine. They are more than happy to answer all your questions.