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What is a UFI format?

What is a UFI format?

UFI stands for: unique formula identifier. It is a code that is specially printed on hazardous mixtures or products that contain hazardous contents or mixtures. It is a mandatory part of the registration of products in Europe. It states which hazardous substances and mixtures of substances the product contains.


How do I open a UFI code?

If you are having problems opening a UFI code, because you want to know what is in a product or substance. Then you need to read on. We are going to explain it all below!


What’s important to know is that different drivers contain documents with the UFI file software for all sorts of different reasons. So if you’re not so sure which UFI format you should have, it’s quite possible that the correct form is not supported by the driver you’re using. We haven’t had a chance to check if there are any windows drivers that support this particular format. It would be helpful if there were or if an API were made by the driver to support the UFI format.


What is a UFI number?

The UFI number (unique formula identifier) is a 16 number code that can be indexed on the label on the back of the product. The UFI is an element that is mandatory in Europe on toxic products and is also registered in a database of the European Safety Agency. So it can never happen that in case of serious mishaps it is not clear where something came from.


How to use UFI number for customs clearance

To get a UFI number for your company, you have to request it at customs. The application process is simple and can be done online. Once you have applied for the number, you will be given a unique identification number that you can use for all your future imports into India. Customs will give you all the necessary instructions on how to use the number.