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PCN Europe: What is it?

New rules, we love them here in Europe. Making new rules is an industry we like to call politics. It’s kind of in the pews of politicians. So there are lots of rules to be changed in every sector you can think of! The new rules we all know and love come into effect on January 1. Under Article 45 of the CLP Regulation, companies that place dangerous preparations on the market are obliged to make information on certain hazardous substances available to the national competent authorities. (You name it).


The rules are good news tho for people who currently work with chemicals or dangerous products. It makes it a little safer for them to work with that nasty dangerous stuff. If something happens, they know in no time what to do and what not to do!


Does a PCN ever expire?

A PCN registration number never expires. A PCN europe registration continues to exist because most products are used long after they have been purchased, so incidents with this product may continue to occur. It is therefore important to be able to continue to provide the correct data on products, even if they are no longer being actively sold. There is also an option in the PCN format to make it clear that a product is no longer sold in a country.


How to register a product?

When you want to register a product, which you can do on the PCN online portal, it has to provide certain data. This data relates to the composition of the product, but also to information such as the UFI, physical properties and packaging of the product in question.


The centralised PSN portal is the platform for submitting notifications. All dangerous combinations placed on the EU market can be notified here. It is also possible to submit voluntary notifications of non-hazardous mixtures.