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Nanoparticle research for product development

If you develop products for the industry, you probably have to deal with nanoparticles on a regular basis. These very small particles are used in various products to improve their performance and quality. But not all nanoparticles are suitable for every product. The particles vary in size from 1 to 100 nanometers. To use them in the right way the size is very important. Other properties of the particles also influence the effect of a product. Therefore, Solids Solutions does extensive nanoparticle testing & research, using various techniques to analyze nanoparticles and to determine specific properties.

BET surface analysis

One of the methods we use at Solids Solutions to investigate nanoparticles is to perform a BET surface area analysis of nanoparticles. We use gas adsorption, where an inert gas is adsorbed onto the surface of a solid. In most cases nitrogen is the most suitable. However, with certain materials, we also use other gases, such as argon or carbon dioxide. By means of a BET surface analysis, in addition to the BET surface, the pore volume and the pore size distribution can also be determined.

What else Solids Solutions does

At Solids Solutions we do not only do research in our laboratory. We like to share the knowledge we acquire with you. You can contact us for advice when you get stuck in product development. In addition, we regularly provide seminars and courses, both at our location and in-company. We organize events and give presentations in the field of powder and particle technology. Would you like to read about specific research in this field? Then you can consult (online) various documents and publications in our knowledge center. For more information, please feel free to contact us.